Hi. I'm Rahel Lasmaria Simbolon. You can call me Rahel. Besides my major, I'm a full time writer for some website. I handle some writing project, specialization in Travelling/Tourism, Healthy Living, and Film. In addition, I also concern to commitee organization and social activity or volunteerism. I handle some event in the field of Christian Student in Campus. I also a member of Palembang Menyala and being a project leader for Give Them Support Book Donation at January 2015 ago. I also being a volunteer for comunal work Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar 2013 and participated in Sosmas Camp UGM Gunungkidul 2013.

Now and then, I'd dreams of being a professional writer, full time philantrophy, and go to Netherland to learn about Indonesia history. 

Regards, Rahel Lasmaria Simbolon

My Experiences

  • Freelance Writer at Artikel Termurah (2013)
  • Content Writer at Diwisata, changed to be Gabeboni (2014-2015)
  • Ghost Writer at Konsultasi Menulis Buku (Editor for Budidaya Kelapa Sawit) (2013)
  • Content Writer at Enak Bernafas (2014-2015)
  • Freelance Content Writer at Teenesia (2014-2015)
  • Freelance Content Writer at Puncak Bukit, Indonesia nan Elok (2013-now)
  • Freelance Contributor at Blog Ekstra (2014)
  • Freelance Contributor at Katabah (2014)
  • Content Writer at Gudang Alamat (2015)
  • Content Writer at (2015)
  • Content Writer at Mau Nginap (2015)
  • Guest Writer of Dangdut Berisik via Sribulancer (2015)
  • Gabega News Contributor (2015/website off)
  • Content Writer at (now)

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